Fyde has a portfolio of new services to facilitate your journey to Zero Trust.

Let Fyde handle the heavy-lifting.


Turnkey Zero Trust setup

All Fyde enterprise plans include setup of one proxy. If you need more assistance, our team will deploy all your proxies, configure all your resources and enroll your users.

Envoy proxy deployments


Traditional deployment setups no longer suit the new reality of backend software -- applications are no longer monolithic, but rather composed of sets of distributed microservices with their own (high-performance) networking requirements.

Envoy proxy is a high performance C++ distributed proxy designed specifically for this use case. We can deploy, configure and maintain Envoy in high availability scenarios with strict security requirements. We also provide custom Envoy plugin development.


Hashicorp Vault / Private PKI deployments


Cloud deployments (especially with multiple provider infrastructure and the 12-factor app) require a new approach to secret management. Hashicorp Vault is a service designed to secure access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys; it can also be used as “encryption as a service” and as a private PKI infrastructure.

We deploy, configure and monitor Hashicorp Vault services in high availability setups. We also integrate Vault for secret management in CI/CD pipelines and for API secret management.



Kubernetes security and best practices on AWS and multi-cloud


Fyde, relies on Kubernetes for creating secure, distributed, resilient, and reproducible development, staging and production environments. We can help you deploy, monitor, and achieve high availability using Kubernetes on AWS and multi-cloud environments.



Monitoring and alerting flows / ChatOps


All our monitoring and alerting of our critical infrastructure is done based on Prometheus, AlertManager, Grafana, Thanos and OpsGenie. We can help you set these up to monitor your services and apps, as well as integrate alerting systems with Slack or Mattermost.



IdP integration & setup


We can migrate your authentication mechanism to a modern identity approach using SSO and an IdP (both SaaS and custom deployments using Keycloak are available), and integrate it in a Zero Trust flow.



Mobile app CI/CD & automation flows


Our mobile app is battle-tested before each and every deployment by using an automated QA flow which includes Appium running on simulators and also a device array. We can help you set up the same flows in your company for publishing your apps.



Devops / SecOps / Secure development automation flows


We have built an extensive and resilient CI/CD pipeline using docker and several automated tools to make sure that the software that we build is secure, resilient and battlefield-tested.

This includes a system with pre-commit hooks that run in docker, including static code analysis, code quality assessments and testing. We can help you set up the same system at your company.



Data engineering / ETL for security


At Fyde, we set up a complete secure ETL and data collection pipeline using ElasticSearch, Kafka, Grafana and several data transformers. We can help you achieve the same for your business.



Code auditing for security


Static code analysis is not enough to spot advanced potential exploits and logical errors. We provide services in code auditing for security, including exploit development.



Network security assessments


We can conduct a full network security assessment of your on-prem and cloud infrastructure and provide a list of vulnerabilities, assist with remediation and deliver best practices.



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