5 steps to secure home devices and improve productivity for remote work

Due to sudden global changes, remote work became an essential part of a modern enterprise. For remote work and employees to thrive, it's essential to ensure fast and secure access to company data and resources. Innovative rather than outdated security practices are critical to support the new way of work, where security empowers employees and companies and enhances productivity and collaboration.

Despite the benefits of remote work, it can also bring security challenges. Those challenges span from the used technologies, user security knowledge and awareness, and the ever-increasing cyber-attacks. In many cases, an attacker needs to compromise only one device, with a phishing attack or exploit a vulnerability in an unpatched system, to access key resources in the company network. Such events can lead to company network exposure and eventually to data breaches.

Our team at Fyde has put together a comprehensive remote work guide that will help you get a step closer to securing home devices and improving employee productivity in 5 steps.

Download this guide to learn more about:

The nature of remote work;
Office work versus remote work;
Five remote work security and usability challenges;
Five steps to secure home devices & improve employee productivity.

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