A modern VPN that doesn’t drain your battery 

Businesses all over the world use traditional VPNs to secure employees’ access to the company's resources via their mobile phones. However, if you read the reviews of the enterprise VPN apps like AnyConnect and GlobalProtect, the fast-draining batteries and constant network disconnections are the daily hassles employees and IT teams face. But why is it the case? Well, legacy VPNs are not made for mobile. 

Battery drains and timeouts

Typically, legacy VPNs are known to drain a lot of battery. Many VPN clients timeout forcing you to authenticate and connect to them again and again. 

Fyde app, on the other hand, “sits” in the background and only creates tunnels on-demand so you don't have to deal with timeouts.

Fyde does not drain battery compared to other VPNs because of its on-demand method of creating and maintaining mTLS tunnels only when needed. For example, an iPhone’s battery lasts for about a day and Fyde has a very minimal battery impact even when set to the always-on mode. However, traditional enterprise VPNs will require employees to recharge their phones throughout the day which is a big hurdle for productivity and efficiency.

Network transitions

Traditional VPNs timeout a lot and users end up having the tunnel drop with network transitions. Because VPNs don’t handle network transitions, employees often feel frustrated.

Imagine, you use a traditional VPN and step into Starbucks to grab a coffee. The phone connects to Wi-Fi, and when you leave - it connects back to the mobile carrier. The VPN connection is terminated due to this network transition because most legacy VPN apps cannot handle it and generate authentication timeouts. This forces employees to sign in again and again, many times throughout the day. 

With Fyde your experience isn’t disturbed. You can be on-the-go without dropping the network connection. Fyde ensures that network transitions from LTE to Wi-Fi (and vice versa), or from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi does not disrupt your connectivity as well as your battery life. 

Fyde's always-on nature effectively split-tunneling the traffic and other business applications can remain running on a device and refresh background seamlessly. 

Fyde offers robust connectivity for greater adoption

From the start, Fyde was on a mission to solve these issues and develop a product that’s effective and empowering. 

“Our research and development team understood that battery life and robust connectivity were essential requirements to win employee adoption and approval for our solution. Several of our team members have previously worked in the MDM and mobile security space and these were universally despised by employees who viewed these technologies as intrusive to their privacy and detrimental to their device performance. We had to change the status quo to have staying power in the market and offer a solution that was friendly and beneficial to the employee first, the organization next. That, we believe is the success of greater adoption. We are happy to say that after several thousand positive reviews, both from enterprise customers and consumers at large, Fyde is successful in changing the nature of enterprise software. Winning bottoms up approval has been a game-changer for Fyde,” explains Sinan Eren, CEO at Fyde.

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