How developers and DevOps can easily and securely access Kubernetes clusters

Being an engineer or a technical lead, you might have suffered from exasperating attempts to access Kubernetes clusters. It’s frustrating when you have to waste time on repeatable steps instead of efficiently powering through your work and deadlines. 

When it comes to dealing with sensitive production data, Kubernetes private networks are crucial to prevent unauthorized access. However, you and your team still need to easily access these services to run weekly data analytics, daily manage infrastructure and troubleshoot problems. 

How can developers’ lives and access to Kubernetes be easier in 2020? The good news is that with Fyde, you don’t need expensive, labor-intensive in-house built tools or inflexible cloud-specific VPN solutions to access the production database. 

“Fyde is a bridge between your private networks and your employees. You can give any employee access to any database with a 0 learning curve,” - Utku Zihnioglu, Founder and CEO at

Fyde for Kubernetes

Fyde for Kubernetes simplifies secure access, allowing you to:

  • Access resources in private networks;

  • Speed up initial access for your employees without additional training;

  • Improve developer workflows with speed, productivity, and agility;

  • Operate Fyde Enterprise console for access control and user management.

A quick glance at  Fyde in action


Learn more about how Fyde simplifies access to internal services, how it improves security with added authentication and access control, and how simple it is to set up Fyde and connect to multiple internal networks without having to constantly change profiles.

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