Lisbon, Portugal, November 4, 2019 – Fyde, the new standard for Zero Trust, today
announced Fyde Enterprise, a continuous, adaptive secure access solution that
mitigates risk while protecting privacy and increasing performance. As digital
transformation and the cloud transform the way we work and access apps, the
disappearance of the traditional corporate perimeter creates new security risks and
compliance challenges that break traditional solutions like VPNs. A powerful alternative
to VPNs, Fyde Enterprise works on any infrastructure, any device, and with any
application on a corporate network. Distributed businesses can now modernize remote
access, enforce global security and access policies, and achieve seamless connectivity
without compromising productivity.

Fyde, a first-time participant at Web Summit, is a featured startup and will be speaking
on Centre Stage at the Breakout startups on November 4 at 5:00 pm and November 6
at 9:15 am. Fyde is also an exhibitor in the Beta Startup Programme on Tuesday,
November 5.

Zero Trust for the Modern Enterprise

The Zero Trust paradigm assumes that all access is conditional and the network is
always untrusted. Every interaction with the corporate network or cloud infrastructure
must be granted contextual and conditional access based on continuous evaluation of
device attributes (such as critical updates, security configuration and geographic
location) and user identity (such as enforcing MFA or re-authentication) to ensure the
highest levels of security.

Security teams must adapt to new requirements for the cloud, employee mobile
devices, and evolving access dynamics associated with contractors, partners and
remote employees. Fyde’s Zero Trust approach to secure access is driven by
identity-aware access control and device-trust based security policies. Fyde enables
secure, reliable and fast access to authorized apps and workloads on corporate
networks and cloud infrastructure from any device, network, and location. Fyde also
protects user identities from account takeover attacks.

“CISOs are frustrated by the failure of their traditional secure access solutions to deliver
essential visibility and control over access to corporate resources, as well as to block
emerging threats,” said Sinan Eren, Fyde CEO. “Fyde is built to address the security
challenges created by the evolving threat landscape, while protecting employee privacy,
boosting productivity, and ensuring compliance.”

Fyde Enterprise: The Onramp to Zero Trust

Fyde Enterprise is easy to deploy, monitor and manage. Security and IAM teams can
sync with their user directory for seamless onboarding and deprovisioning of users and
devices, monitor and log access requests and sessions via the Fyde Enterprise
management console. Fyde Enterprise includes features for today’s complex IT
environments, enabling security teams to deliver:

Zero Trust on any infrastructure or platform

· Grant minimal privileged access to authorized apps without exposing the network
· Work on Mobile or Desktop
· Deploy on-premises or in hybrid or public cloud
· Continuously verify users and devices

Global Security and Access Policies

· Create robust access policies and gain visibility into who has access, to what and from
· Assign role-based and attribute-based policies

Upgraded performance and privacy

· Eliminate latency via local inspection
· Offer self-service remediation
· Reduce IT Costs
· Secure the data plane: Fyde does not have visibility into data.
· Protect employee privacy. No personal data is shared with the company.


Pricing and availability

Fyde Enterprise is available today. Fyde is sold as an annual subscription with pricing
starting at $10 per user per month. Enterprise bundles are available. To try Fyde today,

About Fyde

Fyde is the new standard for Zero Trust secure access. An increasingly decentralized
world is driving digital transformation and challenging the status quo. Fyde helps
organizations mitigate risks while adapting to the new nature of work and IT, powering
their journey to the Zero Trust Architecture. Our innovative approach is driven by
patented technology that enables secure, reliable and fast access to any on-premises,
cloud or hybrid app or workload. Fyde eliminates security risks associated with
traditional VPN access, while protecting user identities from account takeover attacks.
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