The traditional approach to solving cybersecurity problems has long been handicapped if not completely rendered obsolete due to modern changes to computing and networking platforms, however it seems most cybersecurity vendors did not pay attention.

Why is your security investment not working?

The endpoint is now sandboxed and the network just went dark. This is the new normal.

We live in a new era where platform vendors, mostly for revenue protection, have achieved significant security improvements on their platforms. The side effect of this great feat was however to lock out security vendors from deploying traditional methods to detect and remediate security problems. This traditional method can be abstracted as inspection or interception via deep hooks.

Essentially, no matter how a solution is categorized or whether the solution runs on the endpoint or at the network level, it requires hooks into data streams such as file system, network, processes, logs etc. In this new age of out-of-the-box security of platforms such as iOS, Android and Chromebooks, the hooks are no more. At the network layer even when you are granted the hooks through the network infrastructure, these solutions still remain in the dark due to ubiquitous nature of robust encryption such as TLS and the inability to man-in-the-middle that traffic due to popularization of certificate pinning and mutually authenticated TLS.

At the endpoint, these solutions are not able to insert their deep hooks as well due to the default sandboxing of every 3rd party application. This new development is something to be cheerful about as it brings tremendous amount of resilience and overall security to endpoints. Legacy cybersecurity companies will likely continue to complain about being locked out from these platforms and hence limited in ways to protect your enterprise.

The new paradigm

This new paradigm, in fact, is an existential threat for them, but let’s be clear it is a massive improvement for you. Instead of innovating along the new constraints most legacy endpoint and network security solutions will outright complain to and about the platform owners uncompetitive behavior.


At Fyde, we take those constraints as pillars of our very existence and successfully incorporated them into our product architecture.

The endpoint is now all but sandboxed and the network just went dark. This is the new normal. The solutions that give you visibility and the means to respond to incidents without breaking this new paradigm will future proof their products and business.