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  • July 11, 2019

Fyde Team v2.0

Fyde has raised €2M in a post-seed round co-led by prior investors Draper Nexus and Vertex Ventures. Bright Pixel, Portugal Ventures, and Wells Fargo also joined the round to support Fyde's vision - increasing productivity and safety for connected teams and individuals. Fyde will use the proceeds to accelerate market expansion to Europe and expand the US and Porto teams. 

Founded in 2017, Fyde enables secure access to resources and eliminates security risks associated with traditional VPN access (find out here why Fyde is better than a VPN). Fyde empowers companies with a borderless and global workforce to decrease breach risk by enabling secure access to essential enterprise resources. Fyde provides granular access controls to apps and workloads and increases visibility into access activities. It continuously monitors access requests, improves device security posture, and protects user identities against phishing and account takeover attacks.

Fyde founders are recognized security researchers and entrepreneurs, Sinan Eren, CEO, and Pablo Sole, Chief Scientist. The inspiration behind Fyde is that the attacks causing the most harm are not always the most technically complex. These attacks usually exploit humans with social engineering or take advantage of poorly made or outdated devices. The Fyde app protects corporate assets and employees from these attacks. Fyde’s patented technology revolutionizes secure access to resources for any modern enterprise.

Dozens of companies have adopted Fyde as their new standard for access and security.

Do you have the Fyde app?


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