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  • December 21, 2018



Do you work with outsourced teams to support your business?

Do you have one network that everyone jumps on to access apps, files and documents?

Do your teams use VPN for remote access?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, you need to rethink your security. In order to run business securely and build long lasting partnerships it’s crucial to ensure only the right people access the right resources and networks. Why?

  • 56%* of companies experienced a data breach caused by a third party.

  • 57%* of companies cannot determine if third party’s safeguards and security policies can prevent a data breach.

  • Without proper segmentation, VPN clients can access every workload.

Teams are global. Your product is built, marketed and sold in different parts of the world. Relying on a single network to access your valuable resources is risky and unproductive.  Fyde delivers targeted, unified access to your corporate resources for modern, seamless security. Let Employees and partners focus on the work and eliminate the security risks associated with traditional VPN access. 

The challenge

Anyone who can access your network can compromise or unwillingly expose entry points to your resources and sensitive data. If your corporate network is not properly segmented and someone finds a way to access it, they can get to any app, file or document and cause serious harm. 

Would you give your house key to all the builders, cleaners, architects and plumbers?

Instead of granting  unlimited access to company resources, deploy different access levels for specific resources in the network. Because creating layered access structure is complex, difficult and costly, most corporate networks are still flat.

How can you access data securely, have a reliable connectivity, low latency, trusted access, happy teams & cut costs?

The solution

To support a secure network infrastructure and help you lead a successful business, Fyde builds secure, reliable and fast access points to specific apps and files in your network from any device, network and location. It's easy to set up, monitor and manage.

Empower your outsourced teams to access documents they need to access and protect other sensitive company data.

Fyde protects adverse Internet environment, validates identity, checks device health and only then allows access to relevant data and resources. No more firewalls and gateway restrictions. Fyde is built for global, on-the-go teams. 


Fyde App

• On-device security, identity check and access

Fyde Enterprise

• Manage, monitor and gain insights into enterprise security. Leverage global intelligence on cyber threats.

Features & Benefits

Fyde protects user identities and devices, and manage access to corporate resources from any device, network and location.

On-device Internet Gateway
  • Protects against web-based attacks such as credential theft, phishing, smishing, vishing, and ransomware

  • On-device security
Secure Access
  • Conditional access to resources

  • Resource access anytime, anywhere

  • Trusted user and trusted device access authorization

  • Access to multiple infrastructure sites without switching access profiles